Editorial Team

Our editorial team comprises of a group of professionals with dynamic backgrounds and unique experiences, working relentlessly to provide you with the instant breaking news. They are committed to delivering timely, impartial, and comprehensive updates that help you understand the world around you. Meet our dedicated team.

Randolph Eleanor

Eleanor Randolph is a versatile and meticulous journalist who dedicates her experience and skills to the field of online journalism. With over a decade of involvement in the sector, she has refined her abilities to deliver sharp and pertinent reporting.

Prior to joining the InstaBulletin team, Eleanor held editorial roles at various renowned publishing outlets. Her work, underscored by a relentless pursuit for truth and unyielding commitment to journalistic ethics, has garnered recognition among peers and readers alike.

Bennett Oliver

Bennett Oliver is one of the pioneering members of InstaBulletin. His command over language, combined with a broad understanding of global events, makes him a pivotal part of our team.

Cutting his teeth in some of the most demanding settings in journalism, Bennett brings an unwavering passion for the craft to our news desk. A seasoned investigator, his deep dives into a range of topics continue to shed light upon the pressing issues of our time.

Thatcher Amelia

Amelia Thatcher is a dynamic member of our team, bringing a youthful perspective to the InstaBulletin reporting staff. Her enthusiasm, being infectious in itself, rubs off onto her work, resulting in a lively and engaging style of reporting.

Known among her peers for her tenacity and relentless curiosity, Amelia’s reporting capably juggles depth and accessibility, making complex issues comprehensible without sacrificing the nuances. Her contribution to our newsroom is invaluable in threading the needle of modern online journalism.