Discover What “Queen of Christmas” Melissa Joan Hart Does Off-Screen

Melissa Joan Hart, renowned for her iconic roles in the 90s and an abundance of holiday films, has an off-screen life that is intriguing, set apart from her well-known on-camera romances. The actress, popularly known as the “Queen” of Christmas, has a significant number of holiday films under her belt. Interestingly, her favorite Christmas movie, … Read more

Shocking: Major Blue Bloods Character Confirms Separation on Thanksgiving!

Shocking: Major Blue Bloods Character Confirms Separation On Thanksgiving!

On Thanksgiving, Janelle, aged 54, spent time with three of her six children she shares with Kody – Garrison, aged 25, Gabriel, aged 21, and Savanah, aged 18. Before the end of 2022, Janelle confirmed her separation from Kody, also aged 54, which had already been in effect for a few months. However, three of … Read more

Exclusive: Melissa Rivers Getting Married – Who’s the Lucky Man?

Exclusive: Melissa Rivers Getting Married Who's The Lucky Man

Good news for fans of Melissa Rivers as she is set to tie the knot with her boyfriend of nearly two years, Steve Mitchel. The joyous occasion happened to unfold last month on a tranquil beach in Mexico. The couple’s love story can be traced back to a Didi Hirsch Mental Health and Suicide Prevention … Read more

Shocking Love Story: How Allen and Harbour’s Unexpected Romance Began!

Shocking Love Story: How Allen And Harbour's Unexpected Romance Began!

Renowned personalities, Allen, 38, and Harbour, 48, were spotted together at a Cleveland Cavaliers game. This appearance comes two months after the couple joyfully celebrated their third wedding anniversary. Keegan-Michael Key along with his wife, Elle, joined them, adding to the star-studded evening. Their wardrobe choices were understated, with Allen choosing a beige sweater paired … Read more