Ali Krieger Back on the Market: Open to All Dating Options!

Ali Krieger Back On The Market: Open To All Dating Options!

Ali Krieger, a renowned former soccer player, signals a readiness to explore the dating scene following her separation from ex-teammate, Ashlyn Harris. This intriguing update was shared on the popular CBS podcast, “Kickin’ It”. Krieger humorously stated that her dating options are wide open, and she is not confining herself to just half the population. … Read more

The Dark Truth Behind Jason Isbell and Amanda Shire’s Spiraling Marriage

The Dark Truth Behind Jason Isbell And Amanda Shire's Spiraling Marriage

In February 2024, a decade-long union between musicians Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires drew its curtains. Their history traces back to 2004 when they crossed paths at one of Shire’s performances, with Isbell among the spectators. Fast forward seven years, they fell in love and tied the knot in 2013. Two years into their marriage, … Read more

Uncovering Mowry’s Life Post-Divorce: You Won’t Believe What’s Next

Uncovering Mowry's Life Post Divorce: You Won't Believe What's Next

At the tender age of 45, Mowry bravely opens the door to her personal life and shares her initial experiences with dating after her recent divorce. Despite some unexpected challenges, she maintains her optimism and continues to navigate her way through the world of modern dating. Surprisingly, she does not comprehend the public’s interest in … Read more