Shocking Revelation: NXIVM Cult Survivor Is Expecting a Baby Girl!

India Oxenberg, known for her experiences in the infamous NXIVM cult, is set to welcome a baby girl with her husband Patrick D'Ignazio.

A Baby Girl on the Way

The couple, who got engaged in October 2019 and married a year later, are eager to welcome their daughter. Oxenberg publicly announced her last month and has faith in D'Ignazio's abilities as a father.

Her Past in NXIVM

Oxenberg has been transparent about her history with NXIVM. She joined the group unknowingly, only to be recruited into a secret subgroup called DOS and groomed as a sexual partner for Keith Raniere, the group's founder. Horrifyingly, Oxenberg and other DOS members were unknowingly branded with a symbol that incorporated Raniere's initials.

The cult has since been exposed, and Raniere faced justice in 2020 when he was convicted on charges including sex trafficking, racketeering conspiracy, and forced labor conspiracy. Oxenberg parted ways with NXIVM in 2018, the same year she began her with D'Ignazio.

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Her Decision for the Future

Despite her past, Oxenberg has stated that she doesn't plan on immediately sharing her NXIVM experience with her daughter. She would instead like her daughter to feel prepared to ask questions when she's older.

Moreover, she acknowledges the added burden she felt when she discovered she was expecting a girl, likely due to her past experiences.

Reflecting on Her Mother’s Efforts

Throughout her journey, Oxenberg has expressed gratitude for her mother's attempts to convince her to leave NXIVM. This likely strengthened her resolve to protect her own daughter.

A Sensitive Husband

Oxenberg noted that her husband D'Ignazio, despite his masculine hobbies, has a softer side. His sensitivity complements Oxenberg's own strength, forged through her experiences, and promises a wholesome environment for their daughter.

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