The Real Reason Behind Madix and Sandoval’s Shocking Split

In a turn of events that took many by surprise, Madix and Sandoval ended their relationship in March 2023. The reason behind this shocking split was Sandoval's indiscreet dalliance with co-star, Raquel Leviss.

A Public Apology

Sandoval felt the ripple effects of his actions, not just in his but also in his professional realm. Subsequently, he felt the need to publicly apologize. Madix was the recipient of this apology, a gesture she didn't anticipate after the initial response to the business backlash.

A Fresh Start at Coachella

Fresh off her break-up, Madix decided to take some time off. She attended the popular music festival, Coachella, with her friends. One of her companions was Wai, which led many to speculate about a possible romantic liaison. Adding fuel to the fire were the photos of the two holding hands and sharing a kiss.

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Fun, Not Love

Despite the rampant speculations, an insider put the to rest. The source stated that Madix and Wai were not embarking on a new . Instead, they were merely having fun. After her split from Sandoval, Madix was not in a place to pursue a serious commitment. Part of her healing process was letting loose and enjoying herself on her Coachella trip.

Sandoval’s Well Wishes

However, Sandoval didn't hold any grudges or ill-feelings towards Madix. On the contrary, he supported her endeavors to find again. In a conversation with TMZ, he expressed his hopes for Madix to find love again, showcasing his support for her.

Madix and Wai – An Ongoing Romance?

Despite the insider's remark about Madix and Wai just having fun, their romance seems to be ongoing. Only time will tell if this budding romance will develop into something more serious or remain as a fun diversion for Madix.

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