What Lyons vs Gadd Feud Reveals About Entertainment Industry

Explore the intriguing narrative surrounding the between transgender Reece Lyons and playwright Richard Gadd. This sheds light on the power dynamics often hidden behind the curtain of the industry.

Lyons, known for her compelling performances, auditioned for “Baby Reindeer,” a play written by Gadd. Their professional interaction took a personal turn when Gadd asked her out on a date.

Throughout their interactions, Lyons began to perceive an unusual power dynamic developing between the two. She marked Gadd's dismissive and defensive reactions when she called him out for his perceived fetishization of transgender women.

Power Dynamics and Fear

Gadd, who has openly talked about his past experiences with abuses, appeared to replicate those same power dynamics with Lyons. This deeply perturbed the actress, creating a sense of unease.

Despite these red flags, Lyons felt compelled to agree when Gadd invited her on another date. She was driven by a fear and worry of losing the potential acting opportunity in “Baby Reindeer” if she declined his advances.

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End of Relationship and Aftermath

The relationship between Lyons and Gadd came to an end when he decided she was too confrontational. This decision left Lyons with a bitter taste, highlighting the subtle power imbalance that had existed.

It's noteworthy to mention that Lyons is not accusing Gadd of any form of abuse. Instead, she emphasises the necessity of discussing ill-treatment, even when it does not reach the threshold of being classified as abuse.

Official Stance

In light of these revelations, Clerkenwell Films, the producer of “Baby Reindeer,” conducted an internal investigation into the matter. They concluded that Gadd had not committed any form of wrongdoing in his relationship with Lyons.

About ‘Baby Reindeer'

The series “Baby Reindeer” is an adaptation of Gadd's solo stage play. It chronicles his own terrifying encounters with a stalker and his experiences with sexual abuse. It has taken the platform by storm, currently standing as the most-watched English-language show on Netflix.

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