Discover How ‘No’ Culminated into Romance for Hollywood Sweethearts

One of Hollywood's favorite couples, AJ and Rochelle McLean, has a love story that is as interesting as it is inspirational.

How They Met

In the year 2008, the two first crossed paths. At the time, Rochelle was a waitress at the well-known Saddle Ranch located in West Hollywood. It was then that AJ McLean, smitten by her charm, decided to take a chance and ask her out.

A Reluctant Start

Rochelle, however, turned him down initially. It wasn't until a year later that she agreed to give AJ a shot and started dating him.

A Marriage Proposal

After dating for some time, AJ decided to take the a notch higher. In January of 2010, he popped the question and Rochelle said yes.

Tying The Knot

Fast forward two years later, in 2012, the couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony, surrounded by loved ones.

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Welcome Little Ones

That same year, they were blessed with their first child, a lovely daughter whom they named Elliott. Five years down, in 2017, the McLeans' grew bigger as they welcomed another daughter, Lyric.

A Temporary Separation

Moving forward to March , more than a decade into their marriage, AJ and Rochelle McLean decided to take a temporary break. Their aim is to focus on self-improvement and fortifying their marriage for a better future.

Respecting Privacy

During this period, the couple has kindly requested their and the public to respect their privacy, reminding everyone that their decision affects not only them but also their .

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