Discover the Little-known Talent of Princess Kate Middleton

Renowned royal photographer Hugo Rittson-Thomas has spoken highly of Middleton's adeptness in the art of capturing moments. Known for her published photographs of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the Duchess of Cambridge displays a significant understanding of photographic techniques, according to the expert.

Rittson-Thomas on Middleton’s Expert Eye

It's not just the 's official lensman who appreciates Kate's talent. Royal photographer Samir Hussein also sings her praises. He acknowledges the royal's keen eye for capturing images, stating she is more adept than most people. This skill is evident in the numerous informal and formal photographs she's taken of her on their birthdays and other occasions.

Kate’s Role as a Royal Photographer

Kate doesn't limit her skills to personal photos. In 2022, she captured the cover image for Queen Camilla's profile in the respected Country Life magazine in the U.K., a task requested by Camilla herself. Further showcasing her abilities, Kate inspected and adapted to a specially constructed black-out set designed to photograph her taller husband, Prince William.

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Controversy and Experimentation

Despite the admiration, Kate's work hasn't been without . A family photo released on Mother's Day appeared to have digital alterations. The Duchess responded to this by acknowledging her occasional experimentation with photo editing, showing her willingness to explore various photographic techniques.

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