Discover the Shocking Joke That Made John Oliver Target Tom Sandoval

John Oliver, HBO's Last Week Tonight presenter, recently amused audiences by poking fun at Tom , a star on .

Oliver's humour revolved around a concept known as “pig butchering”, suggesting that Sandoval's intellect was inferior to that of a pig. This wasn't the first time that Sandoval was the subject of mockery on the show. He was also targeted in a Weekend Update segment, which further highlighted the humour at his expense.

Weekend Update Segment

In the comedic piece, Marcello Hernández, a cast member, played a frozen embryo. This character drew parallels between his own absence of vital organs and Sandoval's apparent intellectual deficiency. The jesting didn't stray far from reality, they were a reflection of Sandoval's recent controversies on Vanderpump Rules.


Sandoval made headlines when he betrayed his partner of almost a decade, Ariana Madix, with fellow cast member Raquel Leviss. This led to their in and marked a significant turning point for Sandoval who was consequently referred to as “Scandoval”. The drama notably enhanced the show's viewership.

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Sandoval didn't stop there and drew further criticism when he equated his personal issues with the high-profile cases of O.J. Simpson and George Floyd. Following the backlash, he apologized and explained that his comparison was merely an effort to illustrate the intensity of the media scrutiny he was facing due to his affair.

Vanderpump Rules continues to bring more drama every Tuesday at 8 p.m ET on Bravo.

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