Discover the Unexpected Cross-Over Love Story of the Summer!

DeSorbo and Conover, popular from Southern Charm and , sparked the interest of the public in the summer of 2021 when they began . Their was officially disclosed in September the same year.

A Cross-Over Love Story

The couple made waves not only because of their relationship status but also due to their TV roles on Southern Charm and Summer House. Their dating scenario provided an unusual blend between the two popular shows, leading to additional crossover relations within the Bravo network. Conover humorously compared this phenomenon to the Marvel Universe for its intertwined narratives.

A Brief Flirtation with Wedding Bells

During BravoCon in November, the idea of tying the knot in Las Vegas was discussed between the pair. However, Conover didn't quite warm to the idea and hence, there was no in Vegas for this couple.

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Overcoming Relationship Hurdles

Like any other couple, DeSorbo and Conover's relationship has not been devoid of trials. They have faced a slew of issues, ranging from maintaining long-distance to handling about faithlessness. They vehemently denied such rumors, standing strong together.

Future Goals: Sustainable Growth

Despite the bumps on the road, the couple's bond seems to be growing stronger. In late September, Conover shared their goal for “sustainable growth,” expressing their current contentment with the relationship's state. This displays their commitment to face and overcome any potential future difficulties.

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