Discover the Unlikely Path of Simu Liu into the Marvel Universe

Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings brought forth an unexpected casting choice with Simu Liu in 2019. This fascinating revelation was all the more intriguing when considering Liu’s prior social media interactions.

Simu Liu’s Preemptive Wishes

In a seemingly prescient move in 2014, Liu took to Twitter to express his longing for more Asian American representation in superhero roles. His earnest request for an Asian American hero in the Marvel universe set the stage for his future career trajectory, although he had no inkling of such an outcome at the time.

A Dream Come True

Little did Liu realize, his tweet would pave the way for his journey into the coveted Marvel Cinematic Universe. Reflecting on the turn of events, Liu confessed to being completely taken aback when he landed the role of Shang-Chi. The moment was described by Liu as ‘incredible and surreal’ during his interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show in September 2021.

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The Power of Vocalizing Desires

Interestingly enough, Liu isn’t alone in securing his dream role through the vocalization of his preferences. Many other stars have followed a similar path to success, echoing their career aspirations loud enough for the universe to hear and respond.

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