“Dumped by a Bachelor: Leslie’s Dismal Journey at The Golden Bachelor!”

Imagine being in the final lap of a competition, only to be sent home just before the finish line. This was the experience of Leslie, a 65-year-old contestant on The .

Leslie had made it to the final two women on the show when she visited Gerry's in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica in November 2023. Unfortunately for her, she was eliminated following the familial encounter. Gerry, a sprightly 72-year-old, ended the season by proposing to his ultimate match, Theresa.

Akwardness at the Wedding

Things turned rather uncomfortable for Leslie at Gerry and Theresa's . The couple, during their vows, revisited their memories from their time in Costa Rica. Despite being on the sidelines, Leslie managed to maintain her composure and expressed happiness for the couple.

Theresa had extended an invitation to Leslie for the wedding. This gave her an opportunity to reconnect with her fellow contestants from The Golden Bachelor.

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Unfulfilled Promises

During the course of the show, Leslie claimed that Gerry had hinted at choosing her as the final contestant during their memorable date in Costa Rica. This broken promise added an extra layer of complexity to the whole situation.

Dancing Away the Tensions

Despite the overall awkwardness, Leslie did not let it dampen her spirits. She attended the wedding and even took part in the post-ceremony festivities. Together with Ben Higgins, the 34-year-old cohost of The Golden Bachelor, Leslie kickstarted the dance party at the reception. It's worth noting that there was initially no music, but that wasn't enough to stop Leslie and Higgins from stepping onto the dance floor.

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