Exclusive: Melissa Rivers Getting Married – Who’s the Lucky Man?

Good news for fans of Melissa Rivers as she is set to tie the knot with her boyfriend of nearly two years, Steve Mitchel.

The joyous occasion happened to unfold last month on a tranquil beach in Mexico. The couple's can be traced back to a Didi Hirsch Mental Health and Suicide Prevention event, which marks their first meeting place.

Before Mitchel, Rivers had been romantically involved with other personalities including Jason Zimmerman and Mark Rousso. But it's with Mitchel that she found the enduring connection she had been seeking.

Apart from her love life, Rivers is also known for her supportive and nurturing personality, especially when it comes to her family. Her role as a mother extends beyond the confines of her home, having served as an assistant coach for her son's fourth-grade football team. She has now shifted gears and embraced the role of a lacrosse mom, cheering on her son from the sidelines.

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While she was contemplating growing her family through adoption, she had second thoughts on whether it would be just to the child. However, she hasn't completely dismissed the idea of adoption yet, indicating her open-mindedness towards different meanings of parenthood.

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