Explosive Love Triangle: Adams, Gulbranson and Unseen Forces

Dive into the intriguing love life of renowned television personalities, notably pertaining to the captivating saga of Adams, Gulbranson, and a sprinkle of other key characters.

Adams, known for her stint on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, experienced matrimony with Josh Bourelle, spanning from February 2016 until October 2017. After her ended, she graced the sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise with her presence.

Adams' Journey on The Bachelorette

Adams' journey didn't stop there. She replaced Clare Crawley to wear the crown of the Bachelorette for its 16th season. In the gripping finale aired in December 2020, she happily accepted a proposal from Zac Clark. Regrettably, their journey together ended when Adams and Clark parted ways in November 2021.

Gulbranson's Summer House Stint

On the other hand, Gulbranson had his time under the spotlight during the 2020's Summer House fourth season. His adventurous journey saw him getting involved with his co-star Hannah Berner. Gulbranson stirred things up further by bringing his ex-flame Ciara Miller into the house in the show's fifth season.

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The Link Between Adams and Gulbranson

Fast forward to spring , when the paths of Adams and Gulbranson crossed for the first time. They were spotted together in New York City, sparking rumors about a budding romance. These rumors were given a stamp of certainty by their former co-star Lindsay Hubbard, who posted a picture of the duo holding hands on Easter, only to delete it later.

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