Is Dolly Parton forgiving Elle King for her concert mishap?

icon Dolly Parton recently shared her thoughts on singer Elle King's incident at the Grand Ole Opry, displaying a sense of understanding and forgiveness.

Dolly Parton Speaks Out On The Incident

Following the incident, Parton communicated with King. Rather than condemning her, Parton expressed understanding, suggesting that King had “made a mistake” but isn't someone deserving of criticism or vilification.

Elle King’s Performance At The Grand Ole Opry

King was invited to perform at a tribute in honor of Parton's birthday. She chose to perform Parton's hit, “Marry Me”. Regrettably, during this , King's state of intoxication was clear. Her speech was slurred and she used inappropriate language.

The Reaction To The Incident

Following the concert, the Opry felt compelled to extend an apology on behalf of King. This incident also had a knock-on effect on King's planned tour, leading to the postponement of five dates.

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Elle King’s History With Stage Fright

It's worth noting that King has previously confessed to consuming alcohol before her performances. This, she claims, is a method she uses to manage her stage fright.

Elle King’s Recent Work

Aside from the , Elle King's latest album, entitled “Come Get Your Wife,” is a solid entry in the genre of country .

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