Is There Going to Be a Third Top Gun Movie? The Rumors Are Spreading!

Reports suggest that the possibility of a third Top Gun movie is in the air, with potentially taking the helm once again. Paramount has reportedly reached out to Top Gun: Maverick co-writer, Ehren Kruger, to pen the script for this potential sequel.

Paramount is also keen to reunite the team behind the successful second film. This includes director Joseph Kosinski and actors Miles Teller and Glen Powell. The opportunity for Cruise to participate isn't hindered by his recent deal with Warner Bros., as it's not an exclusive agreement, allowing him the freedom to collaborate with other studios.

The popularity of the Top Gun sequel is clear. Top Gun: Maverick, which came out in May 2022, rocketed to become Cruise's highest-grossing film. It also earned the title of the second highest-grossing film of the year, demonstrating its wide audience appeal. The film was also critically acclaimed, earning six nominations and scooping up the award for Best Sound.

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Although Cruise's participation in a third Top Gun installment remains unconfirmed, his fellow co-stars have expressed a desire to reprise their roles. Both Jay Ellis and Miles Teller are reportedly interested in making another film.

In Top Gun: Maverick, Teller assumed the role of Goose's son. Goose was Maverick's wingman in the original film, who tragically died. Goose's son holds Maverick responsible for his father's , adding a layer of tension to the story.

Interestingly, Anthony Edwards, who played Goose in the original film, was present in Top Gun: Maverick only in flashbacks. Despite this, he has expressed his enjoyment at watching the sequel. Is this a sign that he may want to for the third film? Only time will tell.

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