Mama June Breaks Silence about Daughter’s Tragic Health Issues

Shannon, popularly known as Mama June, recently addressed major developments in her 's life via a post.

Health Struggles of Anna Cardwell

Due to circumstances beyond their control, the family has been rocked by major issues related to Shannon's daughter, Anna Cardwell. Anna has been diagnosed with adrenal carcinoma, and has had to endure multiple bouts of chemotherapy to fight off the disease.

Family Support

Shannon, her husband Justin Stroud, and Anna's siblings have shown their unwavering support during this difficult time. Anna's own , Kaitlyn and Kylee, have also been spending as much time as possible with their mother, providing her with much-needed and support.

Terminal Diagnosis

In July, the family received devastating news when Anna's diagnosis was declared terminal.

Request for Prayers

Shannon has called for continued prayers for Anna and the family, demonstrating their reliance on faith during this challenging time.

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Break from Social Media

Amidst these difficult times, Shannon has decided to sign off from social media until further notice. This decision was likely made to allow the family to focus on supporting Anna during her health battle without any distractions.

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