Michelle Trachtenberg Hits Back at Body Shamers: Here’s What She Said

Michelle Trachtenberg, known for her roles in “Harriet the Spy”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, and “Gossip Girl”, recently addressed comments on her appearance on . The star voiced Judy Reilly in “Human Kind Of” in 2018, and reprised her role as Georgina Sparks in the 2022 and revival of “Gossip Girl”. Additionally, she served as an executive producer for 2021's “Meet, Marry, Murder” series, where she was also the host.

Trachtenberg faced criticism from some Instagram users who accused her of looking “sick” in a photo with Alexa PenaVega. Other users went on to suggest potential health problems such as hormonal, autoimmune, or liver disorders.

Trachtenberg’s Response

Trachtenberg didn't shy away from addressing these comments. She defended her appearance, stating that she's 38 and hasn't had any plastic surgery.

She dismissed the remarks on potential health issues, asserting she's both happy and healthy. This didn't quell the concern from some followers, who continued to express worry over her appearance.

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Actress’s Past Health Issues

Trachtenberg has had health struggles in the past. In 2019, she used a cane due to a broken ankle. This incident, however, doesn't seem to have any connection with her current appearance.

Support for Trachtenberg

Despite the criticisms, Trachtenberg also received support. Fellow Kristin Chenoweth and several others praised her, showing solidarity in the face of the negative comments.

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