“Never-Before-Revealed: Ariana Grande and Bowen Yang’s Unusual Bond!”

and comedian Bowen Yang has been an integral part of the Saturday Night Live () team since 2018, becoming a member of the on-air cast the following year.

Lorne Michaels, SNL creator and producer, is known for his ruthless cutting of sketches. However, after working on the show for a few years, Yang has learned not to take such decisions personally. This was one of the subjects he touched upon during his recent interview on the Today show.

Yang’s relationship with Ariana Grande

In the same interview, Yang also discussed his with singer and Ariana Grande. The pair became close while they were both working on the film adaptation of the popular musical ‘Wicked'. It appears they share a for Pink Moon rosé, which Yang introduced to Grande and has since become her new favorite. He also hinted at their possible onscreen appearance in an upcoming SNL episode.

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A word about Sydney Sweeney

The interview also covered Yang's thoughts on Sydney Sweeney, the actress and former SNL host. Maintaining his professional and respectful demeanor, Yang commended Sweeney's professionalism in her work.

Hot White Heist

Besides his work with SNL, Yang also took the opportunity during the interview to promote his Audible Original Series, Hot White Heist. The second season of this exciting series, which boasts a renowned cast including Alan Cumming, Jane Krakowski, Jane Lynch, Ian McKellen, and Cynthia Nixon, is set to premiere on Thursday.

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