Shock as Michael B. Jordan’s Blue Ferrari Crashes in High Stakes Race

Renowned Michael B. Jordan recently found himself in a precarious situation after being involved in a car accident involving his blue Ferrari. The incident, which has been making waves on , occurred during a race with another Ferrari, colored red.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is currently investigating the situation to confirm if Jordan was indeed the person driving the Ferrari. In the event that criminal culpability is discovered, the case can be forwarded to the prosecutors for further action. However, as per the LAPD, the unfortunate event was merely a traffic collision with a parked vehicle, and there was no evidence suggesting that Jordan was driving under influence (DUI).

The accident led to considerable damage to Jordan's Ferrari, including a ripped-off right fender and tire. The actor lost control of his car and ended up crashing into a parked Kia. Despite the chaos, there were no arrests made at the spot. Instead, Jordan and the driver of the Kia exchanged information and handled the situation responsibly.

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The driver of the red Ferrari, named Tenshi Angel, provided his account of the situation. Although the two Ferraris seemed to be in a race, Angel clarified that they were not speeding but merely revving their engines. At the time of the accident, Angel was ahead of Jordan's Ferrari. When he noticed that Jordan's car was no longer beside him, he slowed down, completely unaware of the accident that had occurred.

Later, Angel expressed his concern and stated that he would have stopped to assist if he had realized that Jordan had crashed. The video of the incident has since been virally shared across various social media platforms, causing a stir among and followers.

As for the actor himself, Jordan has yet to make any public statements regarding the incident.

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