Shocking details of Sandoval Leviss Madix love triangle unveiled!

Unwind to the tale of an intriguing embedded within the glamorous entertainment industry. Leviss, Sandoval, and Madix keep us riveted with their lives, love affairs and choices.

Leviss found herself at a mental health facility and received an intriguing package from Sandoval. This package held a friendship lamp, an Us Weekly magazine, and a letter.

What caught Leviss's attention in the package?

Leviss was drawn towards the magazine, the very cover of which featured the couple in a small square, highlighting their affair. This was part of their digital and print coverage by Us in March 2023. Not long after, the couple ended their of nearly a decade due to Sandoval's affair with Leviss. Post their , Leviss took the step to check herself into a 90-day treatment plan while Sandoval continued his pursuits in the entertainment industry.

Where are they now?

As for Madix, Sandoval's ex-girlfriend, the public eye never missed her. She kept herself busy with various endeavours including Dancing With the Stars and a role in Broadway's Chicago. She also ventured into writing and launched a cocktail book titled ‘Single AF Cocktails'. Madix's fame reached its pinnacle in October 2023 when she was declared Us Weekly's Reality Star of the Year.

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Sandoval and Madix reconvened for Vanderpump Rules Season 11, meanwhile, Leviss took her leave from the world.

The Letter that Changed It All

The third item in Sandoval's package, a letter, can be attributed as a significant factor leading to their split. The letter was demeaning towards Leviss, accusing her of dependency on the treatment facility. Sandoval even attempted to persuade her into leaving the treatment prematurely, to which Leviss stood her ground and refused.

With the support of her therapist, Leviss severed all ties with Sandoval. Sandoval, on the other hand, swiftly moved on with model Victoria Lee Robinson.

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