Shocking: Kate, the Fashion Icon Goes Camouflage!

On November 8, Kate, aged 41, made a remarkable visit to Robertson Barracks in Norfolk, England. Her ensemble of the day? A camouflage jacket, vest, and helmet, all complemented by a black turtleneck and slacks. A red poppy, a symbol of remembrance for fallen soldiers, adorned her vest.

Her connection to the military is not merely symbolic. Recently, in August, King Charles appointed Kate as Colonel-in-Chief of the 's Dragoon Guards (QDG). This role isn't new to the royal . In the past, it has been filled by King Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, and the Queen Mother themselves.

Military Involvement

During her visit, Kate didn't just stand on the sidelines. She hopped on a military tank and even tried her hand at flying a drone. All of this, of course, she did with the assistance of a regiment officer.

Her duties during the visit were not confined to riding tanks and flying drones. She took the time to present awards to regiment members, including long service and good conduct medals. Even the regiment mascot, Trooper Longface Emrys Jones, a pony, received a promotion from Lance Corporal to Corporal under her watchful eye.

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Family Meetings and Support

After the day's outdoor activities, Kate switched her camouflage for a black blazer with gold buttons. She attended a meeting with the regiment families, lending her ear to discuss their experiences and learn about the welfare support available to them.

Her understanding and commitment to military life are attributable to her own family. Her husband, Prince William, served in the military from 2006 to 2008 and was a part of the RAF Search and Rescue Force from 2009 to 2017.

Kate’s Military Style

Kate's military involvement is not just limited to her deeds, but also reflected in her wardrobe. Frequently, for official royal visits, she is spotted in military- clothing. This isn't her first time sporting camouflage either. Back in March , she donned it during her visit to the 1st Battalion Irish Guards in Wiltshire, England.

Her association with the 1st Battalion Irish Guards runs deeper than just a visit. As of December 2022, she was appointed Colonel of the 1st Battalion Irish Guards. Given her new military role, we can likely look forward to seeing more sporty camouflage outfits from Kate in the future.

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