Shocking News: Leviss is Not Returning to Vanderpump Rules!

Brushing up on the latest from the reality TV world, we delve into the of Vanderpump Rules. A key participant, , reveals she won't be returning for Season 11.

During a recent episode of the Scheananigans podcast, the topic of Leviss' return for another season was broached. Baskin, interviewed on the podcast, indicated that such an event seemed unlikely, dispelling any of a surprise comeback.

Leviss’ Controversial Absence

Baskin further elaborated on Leviss' notable absence from the upcoming season. He revealed that there had been ongoing discussions with Leviss up to a certain juncture in the season, shedding light on the actress' struggle relating to her participation in the show.

The Intriguing Affair

As of Vanderpump Rules may recall, Leviss was entangled in an affair with co-star Tom Sandoval. The illicit rendezvous saw its climax at the end of Season 10, causing shockwaves among viewers and cast members alike.

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Consequent to the repercussions of this affair, Leviss took a step back and voluntarily enrolled herself in a mental health treatment facility in April . Her treatment period coincided with the production schedule for Season 11.

No Plans to Return

Following her stint in treatment, Leviss made it clear that she had no intentions to make a return to the popular series. Her primary hurdle was integrating back into the group, a reservation shared by the production team themselves. They empathized with Leviss, expressing that they wouldn't compel her to return if it caused her discomfort.

Among her list of demands, Leviss sought an equal salary to co-stars Tom and Ariana. She further requested to have her treatment costs covered, a proposition that was turned down by the production team.

Podcast Revelations

Leviss has since taken to her “Rachel Goes Rogue” podcast to lay bare her thoughts and feelings in the aftermath of the affair. She professed her conviction that going back to the reality series wouldn't bode well for her mental well-being.

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Furthermore, Leviss claimed that comments from fans had major sway over her storylines in the past. This, she feared, could lead to manipulation of her scenes if she decided to return.

Season 11 Premiere

The forthcoming Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules is scheduled to premiere on Bravo on Tuesday, January 30. On the following day, it will be available for streaming on Peacock.

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