“The Shocking Love Triangle That Rocked Reality TV.”

Discover the surprising revelations from 64-year-old instructor Leslie. This captivating interview on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast reveals her with 72-year-old Gerry, shocking breakups, and unexpected twists in the world of love.

Leslie and Gerry’s Rollercoaster Relationship

In the podcast, Leslie shares her experiences with Gerry who, despite making grand promises in the fantasy suites, failed to keep his word. He had painted a picture of a shared future with Leslie that even hinted towards a potential .

Unfortunately, Gerry ended up having stronger feelings for another participant, Theresa Nist. This left Leslie blindsided as she didn't receive any closure from him. Instead, she had to witness Gerry and Theresa get engaged on the popular “After the Final Rose” episode.

Further adding to Leslie's shock, the couple announced they are tying the knot on live TV. The ceremony is planned to take place on ABC on January 4, 2024, and they intend to settle down in Charleston after their marriage.

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Leslie’s Potential as the Golden Bachelorette

Despite the disappointment she faced, Leslie remains open to future opportunities. She indicated her willingness to be the first-ever Golden .

She made it clear that she would not take the phrase “I love you” lightly. Having been hurt by Gerry uttering those words to her, Theresa, and Faith Martin, Leslie is determined to mean it when she says it.

Respect: A Struggling Point for Leslie

Leslie admits that she has issues respecting Gerry after the series of actions he took. According to her, his careless use of “I love you” was particularly difficult to accept. She even expressed that Gerry's choice of words during the “After the Final Rose” episode was rather harsh.

Despite the emotional turmoil, it is evident that Leslie remains resilient and open to exploring new paths in love and life.

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