Unveiling the Iconic Journey of The War and Treaty

Discover the inspiring journey of Michael and Tanya Trotter, known better as the celebrated musical duo, The War and Treaty. With a story that begins with their meeting in 2010 and continues to their recent accomplishments, they have managed to build both a successful and a strong partnership.

Connection and Early Years

It was in the year 2010 when Michael Trotter Jr. and Tanya Trotter's paths crossed at a Maryland festival. Michael, who had previously served in Iraq and was living with PTSD, found solace and support in Tanya. Without wasting much time, he admitted his feelings for her, marking the start of their personal and professional partnership.

The Inception of The War and Treaty

In 2014, the couple took their bond to another level by creating their band – The War and Treaty. Their synergy was not just limited to their personal lives, but also reflected in their , earning them fame and .

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A Timeline of Success

  • 2017: Released their EP Down to the River, marking their official entry into the music industry.
  • 2018: Healing Tide, their debut record was unveiled.
  • 2021: Shared the stage with Dierks Bentley at the notable ACM Awards.
  • 2022: Showcased their talent at the CMA Awards and surprised fans with a new EP, Blank Page.

Recognition and Achievements

By , The War and Treaty had started to receive nominations from prestigious platforms like the CMT Music Awards, ACM Awards, and CMA Awards. Their collaboration with Zach Bryan on “Hey Driver” earned them even more recognition. They also received Grammy nominations for Best New Artist and Best American Roots Song.

Continued Success

Their success continued into , where they lit up the stage at the Emmy Awards. Their appearance at the Grammy Awards was just as memorable, with Michael sporting a chartreuse green suit and Tanya stunning in a lavender purple dress.

The War and Treaty's journey is not just about music, but also their love and support for each other. Their story serves as a reminder that success is attainable even in the most challenging circumstances.

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