What’s Going on Backstage with Ariana Grande’s Father at a NYC Theatre?

Discover a glimpse into the of Ariana Grande through a video she shared of her father, Butera, engaging with stage props backstage at the prestigious St. James Theatre in NYC.

The pop star's current significant other, Ethan Slater, takes on a leading role in the Broadway reboot of Spamalot, a Grande has experienced on multiple occasions. The seeds of their story were sown on the set of not one, but two Wicked movie productions in the heart of London.

Interestingly, both Grande and Slater found their way to each other following the end of their respective relationships in July. Grande parted ways with Dalton Gomez while Slater and Lilly Jay also decided to separate. This marked the start of a new, exciting chapter in their lives.

Presently, the couple shares a home in NYC, with the full endorsement of their families. As per an insider, Grande foresees a promising future in her pairing with Slater. The source describes the couple as being “theater geeks at heart.”

Backstage Antics

Grande recently took to to share delightful behind-the-scenes moments from NYC's St. James Theatre. The video featured Butera, her father, playfully interacting with various stage props.

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A New Begining

Following the termination of their previous relationships, Grande and Slater discovered a budding romance. This new chapter in their lives commenced after both of them split from their previous partners. Grande separated from Dalton Gomez while Slater ended his with Lilly Jay.

Futures Intertwined

Now, the two are not just living together in NYC, but also enjoy the support of their respective families. According to an insider, Grande believes in the longevity of her relationship with Slater. It's described as a drama-free partnership between two individuals who are “theater geeks at heart”.

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