Will Melissa Barrera’s ‘Your Monster’ Overcome Anti-Semitism Claims?

Melissa Barrera's newest endeavor, Your Monster, is slated for its first screening at the illustrious Sundance Film Festival in January 2024.

Your Monster is an intriguing blend of horror and comedy. This feature film is an adaptation from a short film by Caroline Lindy, bearing the same title. The narrative revolves around a young woman who bizarrely cultivates a romantic with a creature residing in her closet.

The compelling cast of Your Monster comprises notable stars like Tommy Dewey, Meghann Fahy, Edmund Donovan, and Kayla Foster, making the film all the more anticipated.

Highlighting Melissa Barrera's recent , there was a significant setback when she was removed from the cast of Scream VII. This was due to her controversial remarks concerning the Israel-Palestine dispute. She shared content on platforms alleging Israel of committing genocide and ethnic cleansing, which led to her departure from the project.

Spyglass Media Group, the powerhouse behind Scream, contested the claim that Barrera's pro-Palestine comments were the reason for her leaving. They emphasized that they maintain a strict policy against antisemitism and any form of hate speech.

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Barrera took to to address the issue. She denounced antisemitism, Islamophobia, and all forms of hate. She expressed that, being a public figure, she feels obligated to leverage her status to shed light on matters she is passionate about.

Despite the dispute, Barrera's professional life rolls forward. She is currently involved in a yet-to-be-titled project under Universal Monsters, partnered with Radio Silence Productions.

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