Unveiling the eventful night of the 2017 awards ceremony, a night of glitz, glam, and some unexpected tensions.

During the awards ceremony in February 2017, the presence of Alaska and Katya, both high-profile drag queens, created quite a stir. Alaska shed light on the fact that often feel uneasy around drag queens. The reason for this, Alaska suggested, is that drag queens are known to satirize the occasionally ostentatious facade.

Reported interactions, or rather the lack thereof, between well-known figures Lea Michele, Kris Jenner, and the drag queens sparked controversy. Despite sharing the same event venue, Michele and Jenner seemed to keep their distance from Alaska and Katya.

Alaska, however, found an unexpected ally in Princess Poppy. The latter attended the Emmys in a bold green goblin costume. This was seen as a refreshing challenge to the conventional norms that dominate such events.

The clouds of controversy enveloping Lea Michele

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Lea Michele faced significant backlash for her alleged behavior. Samantha Ware, a former co-star from the hit show Glee, accused Michele of displaying threatening behavior on set. Elizabeth Aldrich, who was Michele's understudy, has also accused Michele of creating a distressful work environment.

In response to these allegations, Michele took to to issue an apology. However, she also admitted that she has ‘an edge' and ‘blind spots' in her professional demeanor. Michele acknowledged that she learned valuable lessons about leadership and the significance of maintaining professionalism, even when off the camera.

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