Disclosing The Uplifting Tom Cruise: Actress Waddingham Shares Experiences

Renowned Waddingham has recently expressed her for , her co-star in the forthcoming Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two, revealing him as one of the most uplifting individuals she has had the pleasure of meeting.

The highly anticipated Mission Impossible installment, initially set for a June release, was unfortunately delayed to May 2025 as a result of the SAG-AFTRA strike. Despite this setback, Waddingham is eager to return to production, with one main scene still left to film.

Waddingham’s Experiences on Set

Waddingham has gone on record about her unique experiences while filming the movie. She raved about the opportunity to shoot on an actual aircraft carrier, a setting which evoked fond memories of her childhood spent on boats. She also made a playful remark regarding Cruise's signature “twinkly thing”.

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Co-stars Stand in Defense of Cruise

Co-star Hayley Atwell joined Waddingham in complimenting Cruise. She used affectionate terms to describe both Cruise and the director, comparing them to “two uncles”. Atwell also took some time to address the other side of the coin, speaking about recent speculation concerning a possible romantic involvement with Cruise. She labeled these as being inappropriate and intrusive.

Controversy Surrounding Cruise’s COVID-19 Protocol

Last year, Cruise faced backlash following a leak of an audio recording that displayed his stern approach towards enforcing COVID-19 protocols on set. This did not deter the actor, as he stood by his actions in 2021. His justification was simple: there was a great deal on the line.

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