Actress Bette Midler Could Possibly Join Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Bette Midler, at 78 years old, has recently shown interest in joining the cast of The of Beverly Hills. The show just wrapped up its 13th season on March 13, and the cast for the upcoming 14th season has yet to be announced.

Andy Cohen’s Endorsement

Andy Cohen, who is 55 and the executive producer of the franchise, has given his seal of approval to her potential participation. However, he has raised concerns regarding Midler's ability to cope with the intense scrutiny and lack of privacy, which is a common feature of .

Midler’s Previous Television Appearance

Midler was previously seen in 2019 on the TV series, The Politician. This was her last known TV appearance before expressing her interest in joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It's not clear how this past experience will translate to reality , which presents its own unique challenges.

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A Future Project

Midler has a forthcoming project in the pipeline as well, a comedy film titled The Fabulous Four, set for release on July 26.

Tagline Idea

Midler has even come up with a potential tagline for her reality TV stint, hinting that it might be a nod to her 1988 film, Beaches. An interesting teaser that adds to the anticipation of her potential inclusion in the show.

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