Discover the Thrilling Exploration of McDermott’s Diverse Career!

Imagine a man of many talents – a father to seven, an , a comedian, a chef, and a breathwork specialist. This is the fascinating profile of the 57-year-old McDermott.

Not only does McDermott's resume boast of acting stints in movies and series like Open Range (2003) and Due South (1994), he's also known for his culinary skills. His prowess in the kitchen isn't just for show – he came out as the winner of season 2 of Rachael vs Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off. He also hosted Chopped Canada, a testament to his culinary expertise.

Amidst his exciting career, McDermott also wears the hat of an alcohol and drug counselor. This is a role he found himself in, drawing from his personal journey of sobriety. His work in this area is, no doubt, a source of inspiration for many.

As a breathwork specialist, McDermott discovered a life-changing practice. Although he was initially doubtful, breathwork eventually became an integral part of his life. This was a journey of self-discovery that he didn't even know he needed.

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On the Personal Front

It is worth noting that McDermott's has seen a fair share of changes recently. One of the significant changes involves his marriage to Tori Spelling. As recently as March, Spelling filed for , nine months after their . The news came to McDermott over a phone call while he was at work.

Together, McDermott and Spelling share five children – Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn, and Beau. McDermott also has a son, Jack, from his previous marriage to Mary Jo Eustace.

Notably, McDermott's bio no longer mentions his marriage to Spelling. Despite the change in his relationship status, McDermott has stated that he remains on good terms with Spelling.

As varied as McDermott's career has been, acting is a path that he has not entirely abandoned. The possibility of a return to the big screen is something McDermott has not ruled out. Who knows, we might yet see him in another memorable role onscreen.

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