Aldean’s Controversial Awards Performance: What To Expect

Aldean is set to grace the stage with his of “Let Your Boys Be Country” at the upcoming awards show on April 7. The star, however, carries some from the previous year.

Last year, Aldean faced serious allegations of promoting racist themes in his song “Try That in a Small Town”. The lyrics of the song were under scrutiny for expressing anti-authority actions and pro-gun sentiments, sparking considerable backlash. This criticism was particularly intense in the wake of the 2017 Las Vegas concert shooting incident.

With the release of the video for the song in June 2023, the controversy was further amplified. The video was filmed in front of a courthouse infamous for the 1927 lynching of a Black teen. Nevertheless, Aldean defended the song and video. He asserted that his lyrics contained no racial references and that the video includes real news footage.

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The country singer also explained that the lyrics reflect the sentiments of community life from his childhood and his political beliefs. Regarding the location used for the video shoot, Aldean confessed his ignorance about its history. He expressed that, knowing its history now, he would choose a different location for the video. Yet, he did not express any regret for releasing the song or the video.

Despite the waves of controversy, Aldean continues to be a significant figure in the country music scene. His performance at the CMT Music Awards promises to be an event to remember. The awards show will air on CBS and will be available for streaming on Paramount+ on April 7, at 8 p.m. ET.

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