Shocking American Idol moments that left viewers speechless

If tension and biting remarks increase the ratings, has had its fair share over the past two decades.

Season 22: Madai ChaKell vs. Luke Bryan

Madai ChaKell, a contestant in Season 22, had a noticeable clash with judge Luke Bryan. ChaKell felt uneasy with her piano player and decided to stop her midway. Bryan remarked on her shaky performance, and ChaKell requested his chair, indicating her shaky feeling. Following her performance, Bryan alluded to her attitude by mentioning “American Humble”.

ChaKell, in response, criticized Bryan's earlier comment about her needing a year or two to perfect her artistry. She was later eliminated from the competition and addressed her disagreement with Bryan in an Live session, stating that people misunderstood her as they didn't know her personally.

Notable Moments from Previous Seasons

Judging controversies were not just confined to season 22. From season 3 to season 21, there were many heated moments involving contestants and judges.

  • Season 21: advised contestant Nutsa Buzaladze to show more grace after she missed a duet rehearsal. Perry was later booed by the audience for criticizing Buzaladze's flashy outfit. Furthermore, Sara Beth Liebe, a mother of three, felt that Perry had mom-shamed her during her audition.
  • Season 20: Perry's displeasure was drawn by Noah Thompson when he performed a song by Perry's ex, John Mayer.
  • Season 19: Adriel Carrion found Perry reacting negatively to his and Anthony Guzman's decision to perform “Watermelon Sugar”.
  • Season 14: Quentin Alexander disagreed with judge Harry Connick Jr. over the competition's fairness.
  • : An uncomfortable moment occurred when Steven Tyler had an awkward interaction with contestant Shannon Magrane and her father, Joe Magrane, a former MLB pitcher.
  • Season 7: Paula Abdul made an erroneous comment on Jason Castro's two performances in one episode, when in reality, he had performed only once.
  • Season 6: Both host Ryan Seacrest and Kenneth Briggs had tense exchanges with judge Simon Cowell in separate incidents.
  • Season 3: William Hung, despite receiving harsh criticism from Cowell, maintained a positive attitude throughout.
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