Are Avan Jogia and Halsey Officially Dating? Find Out Here!

Avan Jogia and Halsey, the pop sensation, were spotted engaging in a display of affection at a Los Angeles Lakers match on 5th January.

Halsey looked casual in a black top and jeans, while Jogia displayed a more formal look with a gray suit and brown . This public outing seems to be a testament of their since they were first linked romantically in September 2023.

Confirming the Relationship

The October 2023 marked the official confirmation of the relationship between Jogia and Halsey. The couple shared an post featuring their coordinated costumes. The post's caption came from lyrics of Halsey's song “Lighthouse”, giving fans a clear hint about their relationship status.

Jogia’s Privacy

Known for his privacy when it comes to personal relationships, Jogia has been previously linked to Cleopatra Coleman and Zoey Deutch. In an appearance on the “Quitters” in February 2023, he confessed to needing to work on his “maintenance” in relationships.

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Getting Serious

The relationship between Halsey and Jogia appears to be progressing. Jogia is proving to be a strong support for Halsey and their son Ender, according to a source.

Previous Relationship and Co-parenting

Halsey had Ender with ex Alev Aydin, before their split, almost two years after Ender's birth in July 2021. Following their separation, Halsey filed for full custody of Ender in April 2023. Despite this, Halsey and Aydin have been reported to co-parent effectively.

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