Intense Workout Reveals: Kim and Khloé Not Your Average Fitness Enthusiasts

Kim, 43 years old, recently posted an video of an intense workout session with her sister Khloé, aged 38. The dynamic duo can be seen breaking a sweat, keeping up with their regimen.

Kim’s Training and Challenges

It was not just any regular workout. Kim was seen performing deadlifts, a challenging strength training exercise. Her sibling and workout partner, Khloé, humorously remarked that Kim seemed to be prepping for the Olympics. However, Kim clarified that she was training for “Life”. She also gave credit to her trainer, Senada Greca, for her fitness progress.

Despite her dislike for hip thrusts, Kim showed her determination by acknowledging their benefits. She understood well the importance of consistency, even when it comes to exercises she does not enjoy. In fact, she indicated her aim to lift heavier weights this year, emphasizing the role of innovation and routine in workouts.

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Kim’s Fitness and Motherhood Journey

Kim has been open about her health and fitness journey, especially in the wake of . She is a proud mom to four with Kanye West – North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. Her first was in 2013 with North. The youngest two, Chicago and Psalm, were born via a surrogate due to complications she faced during her initial pregnancies.

Kim remembered gaining around 65 pounds per pregnancy, and the subsequent struggle to get back to her previous weight. She confessed to feeling envy towards women who could quickly shed their post-pregnancy weight.

Sisterly Commitment to Fitness

Khloé, like Kim, has been steadfast in her commitment to stay fit. Their former trainer, Gunnar Peterson, commended the sisters' workout intensity, attributing it as a key factor to their success.

Overcoming Injuries

Kim disclosed in August 2023 about a shoulder break and torn tendons, which put her gym sessions on hold. Her main focus was on healing correctly before getting back to her workout routine. Nonetheless, she remained staunch in her resolve to continue with her training once recovered.

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