“Attention! The Secrets of Princess Diana’s Tragic Fate Revealed in The Crown!”

Prepare for a royal treat! Part one of The Crown's final season starts streaming from November 16, centering mostly around the events leading to the tragic death of Princess Diana in 1997.

The beloved princess is played by Elizabeth Debicki, while Dominic West takes on the role of King Charles III. As we move into the second part of the season in December, the spotlight will shift to the younger generation of royals like Kate and Prince William.

These roles are portrayed by the talented newcomers, Meg Bellamy and Ed McVey. You would also catch Rufus Kampa as the young William in the first half of the season. The sixth season of The Crown takes us back to the early days of Kate and William's romance at the University of St Andrews.

Meg Bellamy, the actor playing Kate, shared her challenging experience of portraying a character from a time when there was no recorded speech. She described her first major TV project as “strangely normal”. This might be surprising for many as she plays an iconic personality on a globally acclaimed show.

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Bellamy grew up in England and moved from Leeds to Berkshire when she was just five. Her passion for acting ignited during her childhood when she participated in musical theater at school. Before her breakthrough role in The Crown, Bellamy starred in a short film in 2021 called the ‘The Prince of Savile Row.'

After finishing school, she worked at the U.K's popular theme park, Legoland. Her audition for The Crown was done online and she was pushed to give it a shot by a neighbor who thought she resembled Kate. Though she had seen the first season of The Crown and was aware of the British royals, she was not particularly fanatical about them.

However, she distinctly remembers watching the royal of Kate and William as a child and was filled with awe. Now an integral part of The Crown, she hopes to continue working on screen even after the end of the series.

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