The Shocking Truth About Mental Health in Vanderpump Rules

Ariana, 38, of After Show fame, shares the opinion that professional intervention is the right course of action for dealing with issues, rather than leaning on friends for support.

Sandoval’s Declining Mental Health

At 63, Lisa became aware of the declining mental health of following his split with his girlfriend, Rachel “Raquel” . This break up marked the end of his long-term, 9-year with Ariana. Sandoval confided in Lisa about his suicidal thoughts which led Lisa to approach Scheana, 38, and Lala, 33, seeking their help.

Reactions to Lisa’s Approach

Ariana voiced her concern, suggesting that Lisa should seek professional help for Sandoval rather than passing the responsibility onto Scheana and Lala who are not mentally prepped to handle such a situation. Brock Davies, Scheana's husband, also joined in condemning Lisa for placing such a heavy burden on his wife.

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Personal Experiences and Acknowledgment

Lala confessed that she hadn't previously given much thought to Sandoval's mental condition. She recognized the need to let go of her own anger on the matter. Scheana's approach to Sandoval's depression, as she revealed, is influenced by her personal experience of suffering a loss due to a friend's suicide.

Conflict and Decision

Scheana expressed her conflicted feelings about aiding Sandoval due to her close relations with Ariana, but ultimately decided to adopt a softer approach. Ariana didn't hold back in criticizing Lisa for trying to make Scheana and Lala take on the responsibility of supporting her ex-partner, terming it a heavy load.

Professional Help is Necessary

The important reminder here is for those battling mental health issues or crisis situations to reach out for help. You can do this through a phone call, text, or online chat services that are readily available.

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