Beware! Reba McEntire’s Unseen Side Caught on Camera

Imagine getting a sneak peek into the lighter side of one of America's most admired country stars, Reba McEntire, as she recreates a popular Friends scene with her partner Rex Linn. All this happening in the buzz of LVIII.

The dynamic duo set alight with a short video mimicking the iconic Friends scene where Rachel and Joey stumble upon the secret of Chandler and Monica. Filming took place in the relaxed atmosphere of McEntire's dressing room at Allegiant Stadium.

McEntire’s Super Bowl Performance

As the nation gears up for the much-anticipated Super Bowl LVIII on February 11, McEntire is set to capture the hearts of thousands of viewers with her rendition of the US national anthem. Allegiant Stadium, the epicenter of the football extravaganza, will play host to this high-octane .

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Believe it or not, in the years gone by, there have been bets placed on the duration of the anthem performance. Surely, this year promises to be no different!

Preparation and Dedication

McEntire's unflinching dedication towards her upcoming performance has been laudable. From singing the anthem in the shower to rehearsing it in the car, she is leaving no stone unturned to ensure a memorable performance. Not surprisingly, she feels ready and is optimistic about the audience singing with her.

A Special Addition

To make this performance more inclusive, Daniel Durant will be on stage, signing the lyrics in American Sign Language. This is certainly indicative of the inclusive spirit of the Super Bowl.

A Humble Icon

Despite being a celebrated artist, McEntire does not see herself as the focus of her performance. Instead, she feels deeply honored to be the representation of the song that resonates with millions of Americans.

Lastly, an interesting tidbit about the dynamic duo – McEntire and Linn. They have been in a relationship since 2020, sharing their lives together both on and off the stage.

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