Discover Moss’s Unexpected Truth About Past Relationships

Turning the spotlight on the personal life of the 35-year-old, Moss, highlights how he cherishes the bonds of affection and kinship. He has been known to vocalize his wish for everyone's goodwill.

Moss's remarks were delivered at Gronk Beach, Las Vegas on the 10th of February. Las Vegas has been his dwelling as he attended LVIII, showing his allegiance to the San Francisco 49ers. As a former NFL wide receiver, his support for the 49ers is understandable, even though they experienced a setback after losing the NFC championship to the Philadelphia Eagles in January . The 49ers have been missing in action from the Super Bowl scene since 2020.

Despite having a touch of failed TV , Moss abstains from regret regarding his stint in Bachelor Nation. He first encountered Crawley on the 16th season of The . After a whirlwind romance of 12 days, he asked for her hand in marriage, leading to their early exit from the . Nonetheless, their split-up occurred in 2021 and they have remained out of touch since.

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While Moss redirected his focus towards his relationship with Galey Alix, Crawley found solace in the arms of Ryan Dawkins. Alix, a 30-year-old host on HGTV's Home in a Heartbeat, has been dating Moss for circa two years. Their relationship has taken a serious turn with Moss implying a potential marriage. Conversely, Dawkins and Crawley tied the knot in February 2023 and welcomed their daughter, Rowan, to the world in the same year. This addition to the family made Dawkins a proud father of three.

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