Breaking News: Radke and Hubbard’s Broken Engagement Causing a Storm!

In a recent episode of “Scheananigans”, host Shay dished out all the details about the broken engagement between Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard. This has been making headlines, although Radke has preferred to stay out of the spotlight.

The Highs and Lows of Radke and Hubbard’s Relationship

Carl Radke, aged 38, and Lindsay Hubbard have had their relationship details aired since 2017 on the “Summer House.” The pair had a brief romantic stint during the show's 4th season, and after a brief period of , rekindled their romance towards the end of the 6th season.

A Broken Engagement

In 2022, Radke popped the question but ended their engagement in August, just three months before their anticipated November . The announcement was made through separate statements from both parties. Radke's letter, in particular, revealed Hubbard, aged 37, as being deeply hurt by his sudden decision.

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Shay’s Take on the Situation

Shay, in her podcast, put forth a balanced view, refusing to take sides. She defended Radke's choice to call off the engagement, suggesting it was in the best interest of both Radke and Hubbard. Simultaneously, she also expressed sympathy for Hubbard, acknowledging the emotional turmoil she must be going through.

Hubbard Speaks Up

Hubbard finally broke her silence about the , sharing her experiences of Radke's aggressive behavior and the confusion his actions caused. She went on to reveal her shock when Radke allowed the breakup to be filmed, and how this led to feelings of embarrassment and fear. Surprisingly, the news of their breakup was made public within just 30 minutes of her finding out about it herself.

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