The Shocking Reason Why Ramona Was Absent from Bravo Bazaar

A recent event in Las Vegas saw Avery attending the Bravo Bazaar representing her business, Bach Boss. Amid the clamor of the bazaar, Avery maintained a spirited demeanor despite the ongoing involving her mother, Ramona.

Avery’s Mother, Ramona: The Center of Controversy

Ramona, who once graced the cast of the Real Housewives of New York City, found herself absent from the Bravo event. The reason behind the exclusion was a controversial text message she had sent to a reporter from Page Six. The text saw Ramona repeating a racial slur, a response to an accusation made in a Vanity Fair article of her using the N-word.

Bravo’s Response to the Allegations

Reacting to the controversy, Bravo initiated an investigation. The spark that lit this fire was Eboni K. Williams, the first Black cast member of RHONY, who accused Ramona of an insensitive racial remark. Notably, this wasn't the first complaint against Ramona. In December 2020, a crew member had already filed a complaint against her.

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Eboni’s Accusations and Ramona’s Defense

Eboni's expose in Vanity Fair alleged that Ramona made derogatory comments about Black people, insinuating that they lack father figures. In her defense, Ramona claimed her comments were merely references to statistics on single-parent households she had come across.

A New Chapter for Ramona

Following the controversy, Ramona made her exit from RHONY, making way for a new cast in the show's 14th season. Confirming in November 2022, Ramona announced her departure from RHONY. Although she may have left the show, she is set to appear in another, namely Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: RHONY Legacy.

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