Breaking: Severe Storm Shakes Lombaby Games Location

Due to an incoming severe storm, Lombaby Games & New Heights Live have been moved indoors. The announcement was made on Wednesday, April 10, and the events are now planned to take place at Fifth-Third Arena instead of the previously intended Nippert Stadium.

Lombaby Games: An Exciting Event

Lombaby Games, inspired by the 's Vince Lombardi Trophy, promises an event filled with team challenges. It was initially supposed to happen at Nippert Stadium but due to weather forecast predicting severe thunderstorms in Cincinnati, the decision was made to move it indoors.

Event Details and Ticket Information

As per the new schedule, the live event is set for Thursday, April 11 at the Fifth-Third Arena. The attendees who previously bought tickets will still be granted entry into the new venue. In fact, all purchased tickets will be honored. Further updates regarding the tickets will be relayed to the ticket holders via email. Importantly, can anticipate the same seating structure at the new venue.

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Organizers and Special Guests

Jason and Travis, both former football players at the University of Cincinnati, have organized the event. They have shared their enthusiasm about returning to their old stomping grounds, and they're also excited about having pizza from Adriatico's.

In addition to organizing the event, Travis is also filming for an upcoming Prime competition series, Are You Smarter Than a . The title was recently revealed as a reboot of the well-known show, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. Travis has even received praise as the perfect host for this exciting new series.

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