Hidden Truth: Jenna Bush Hager’s Intriguing Connection with Hoda Kotb

Jenna Bush Hager, the co-host of Today's fourth hour with , holds an interesting relationship with her counterpart reminiscent of the one she shared with her father, former President George W. Bush. This engaging dynamic has led to an intriguing journey replete with vibrant experiences, uniquely celebrated milestones, and a deep bond of friendship.

A Relationship Fondly Reminiscent of Familial Ties

Bush Hager often relates Kotb to her father, referring to her colleague as “Dad”, owing to her timely mannerisms. These dynamic interactions between the two have formed the backbone of their successful pairing on the show.

Celebrating Milestones in Style

The fifth year of their partnership was marked with a grand trip to the lively city of New Orleans. The splendor of their was far from the ordinary, involving an enlightening burlesque lesson and even crashing a local party. Moreover, they took the time to enjoy a local , immersing themselves in the city's vibrant culture.

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Appreciating the Spirit of New Orleans

Both hosts found the city's atmosphere liberating. While Kotb described it as a space to “get sane”, Bush Hager echoed a similar sentiment but with a twist, saying it encourages you to “go a little crazy in order to get sane”.

A Week-long Celebration

The anniversary kicked off on April 8, with Bush Hager expressing admiration for Kotb's everlasting joy and positivity. In return, Kotb conveyed her gratitude for the shared bond and the multitude of experiences they have enjoyed together.

Surprises and Recognitions

The celebrations were sprinkled with pleasant surprises, including a special song performance by Meghan Trainor. In recognition of their successful tenure, New York City Mayor Eric Adams declared the day as Today With Hoda & Jenna Day.

A Signature Finale

Capitulating the week-long celebration in signature fashion, they lit up the Empire State Building in the show's pink and purple colors, leaving a mark on the cityscape that mirrored their impact on the show and its audience.

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