“Bridgerton Risky Move: Season 3 Ditching Sequential Narrative!”

The grippingly romantic saga of Bridgerton continues with season 3, igniting once more with an intense dispute between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton.

The first episode sees a frustrated Penelope turning down Colin's offer to escort her home, sharply reminding him of her status as a spinster. This season is set to delve deeper into the complicated between these two characters, a focus that has been gradually intensifying over the initial two seasons.

Interestingly, this season deviates from Julia Quinn's book series, on which the show is based. As opposed to following the usual sequential order of the Bridgerton siblings, the third season is centered around Colin, bypassing his older brother Benedict.

The show's executive producer and showrunner have openly expressed their enthusiasm for the upcoming season. They've labelled Colin and Penelope as “underdogs stepping into their power,” perhaps hinting at an upcoming upheaval in the show's established dynamics.

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The showrunner has stood firm on the decision to break from the book series' order. The reason given was the need to bring Colin and Penelope's multifaceted relationship into the spotlight.

Modification in the typical release pattern is also on the cards for this season. Bridgerton's third season is slated for a two-part release on , with the first half premiering on May 16 and the second following on June 13.

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