Dangerous Liaisons in Hollywood? Walker and Hart Set to Conquer Television

Walker, 44, is keen on teaming up with Hart, 47, on a Hallmark venture. The two have been consistent friends and are often spotted together at Christmas Con celebrations.

Walker holds great esteem for Hart's humanitarian work in Africa. His connection to Africa stems from his 40th birthday bash in Cape Town and his involvement in Hallmark's A Safari Romance. Hart, on the other hand, gained prominence for her portrayal of Sabrina Spellman in the series Sabrina, in which Walker joined during the seventh season, playing the role of Cole Harper.

Despite starring in numerous Hallmark films, the two have never cooperated on a project for the network. Walker broached the idea of a Sabrina the Teenage Witch Christmas movie as a potential mutual venture.

Upcoming Season and Hallmark Family

Walker is eager to commemorate new Hallmark films this season and hinted at a viewing party for Erin Cahill's Christmas on Cherry Lane. He described the Hallmark team as a “family,” elucidating that there isn't a rivalry about who gets which job.

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Walker, along with Annie Howell, self-identifies as the “biggest party animals” in the Hallmark lineup. He leads a wholesome lifestyle, epitomized by his habit of consuming an Envy Apple each day. Walker and his wife were solicited to collaborate with Envy Apples due to their juice company, Little West.

Apple of the Eye

Walker recounted a story about a close friend, an empath, who insisted that Walker's “guardian angel grandmother” was keeping an eye on him and lovingly referred to him as the “apple of her eye”. Walker found a link between this and being hailed as the apple of the Hallmark viewer's eye by Envy Apples.

For those wishing to learn more about the produce brand, they can visit EnvyApple.com.

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