Discover the Shocking Truth Behind the Split of Hollywood’s Famed Couple

The of Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling, a famed couple in , ended up in separation in June 2021. This comprehensive review shines a light on the circumstances surrounding their split.

The Nightmarish Mold Incident

McDermott, since the time Spelling relocated following the discovery of a mold issue in their rented residence, has not had a chance to be with his family.

A Large Family in the Balance

The couple had a total of five children: Liam who is 16, Finn aged 11, Beau who is 6, Stella, a 15-year-old, and Hattie, who is 12. McDermott had an additional child, Jack, a 25-year-old from his previous .

Alcohol: The Silent Destroyer

In retrospect, McDermott confesses that his drinking habits were a root cause of their marital issues. He eventually checked himself into a rehabilitation program for 40 days and he now lives in a house that encourages sober living.

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Separate Beds and Distant Hearts

Another factor that led to their eventual parting was McDermott's refusal to sleep in the same bed with their pets for years.

Communication in Separation

Despite the circumstances, McDermott has maintained communication with Spelling and hopes to spend time with his children in the near future.

New Beginnings

Both Spelling and McDermott have reentered the dating scene with Spelling rumored to be involved with CEO Ryan Cramer and McDermott reportedly dating Lily Calo.

Harboring No Ill Feelings

McDermott harbors no grudges or resentment towards Spelling and her decision to start dating again. He wishes only for her happiness.

Pride in a Shared History

Despite the unanticipated separation, McDermott reflects with pride on their 18-year long marriage and the five children they raised together.

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