Did Melissa Joan Hart’s Son Make Life Imitate Art?

Shared in an amusing revelation, Melissa Joan Hart's son is dating a schoolmate named Sabrina, mirroring a famous coincidence from Hart's own acting career.

Known for her lead role in the hit Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Melissa Joan Hart recently amused fans with a twist of fate from her . As she shared during the ‘90s Con event, her son, 17-year-old Mason Wilkerson, is in a with a girl who shares the same name as her iconic TV character – Sabrina.

Mason's Relationship Gleaned from Social Media

Based on recent activity, fans speculate that Mason is the son that's dating Sabrina. With Hart's amusing anecdote, it seems like she herself found the coincidence between her son's dating life and her famous TV role quite entertaining.

A Family not in Showbiz

Melissa Joan Hart and her husband Mark Wilkerson are parents to two more sons, Brayden, 16, and Tucker, 11, in addition to Mason. Interestingly, none of the kids seem to be following their mother's footsteps into the acting industry. They have not shown any inclination towards her acting career and reportedly, do not enjoy watching their mother on television.

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Despite their disinterest in her profession, Hart humorously suggested that Mason's relationship with Sabrina might make her children more inclined to watch her work. This light-hearted comment reflects her amusement at this real-life coincidence with her TV role, while also hinting at the potential for her children's increased interest in her acting career.

However, Hart's sons have their reservations about entering the acting business. The potential for rejection seems to be the main hindrance. This shows that despite their mother's successful career, they are aware of the pitfalls and challenges that come with being in the showbiz industry.

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