Discover the Terrifying Twist in Netflix’s “You”

Get ready for a thrilling ride as Penn Badgley, embodying the character of Joe Goldberg, makes a dramatic to New York in the hit series ‘You', after leaving a trail of blood in London.

As the story unfolds in season 4, we see a version of Joe that we aren't quite used to – one that seems to have his wicked impulses in check. But don't let this fool you. A major plot twist uncovers the uncomfortable reality that the deaths Joe has been busy investigating are actually his own doing.

The Actor Behind Joe Goldberg

Badgley, while sharing insights about his character's development with British GQ in March , speaks positively about the show's progressive narrative. He argues that the metamorphosis of Joe into a hero is an intelligent plot move that keeps the show fresh and engaging for its viewers.

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Looking Forward

What's next for Joe and ‘You'? The anticipation is building as we eagerly await information about the much-anticipated fifth season.

So, hold on to your seats as we brace ourselves for more jaw-dropping revelations and plot twists in the world of ‘You'.

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