Did Seth Meyers Really Defend Taylor Swift’s Controversial Broadcasting?

During a recent episode of his talk show, Seth Meyers addressed the controversy surrounding the television coverage of pop star at football games, questioning the fans' backlash.

Meyers pointed out that an average football game lasts three hours on television, yet there is only around 11 minutes of actual gameplay. He underlined the futility of being angry about the cameras occasionally focusing on Swift, who is often seen dancing and enjoying herself in the stands.

The talk show host was specifically referring to a Kansas City Chiefs' AFC Wild Card game against the Miami Dolphins that took place in January, which Swift attended. Swift has been a consistent supporter of the Kansas City Chiefs since September , a fact made more prominent by her with the Chiefs' tight end, Travis Kelce.

Controversy surrounding Taylor Swift's TV coverage

Despite many fans claiming that the coverage of Swift is overshadowing the games themselves, the pop star has frequently been featured during the broadcasts. She has been in attendance at 12 of Kelce's games, and has been sporadically seen on the Jumbotron and on camera.

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Swift, for her part, revealed in a profile published by TIME magazine that she is oblivious to when she is being filmed, and is simply present at the games to support Kelce, her boyfriend.

Sportscaster Colin Cowherd drew attention to the coverage of Swift, stating that the approximately “18 minutes of actual football” equates to the duration of five of Swift's songs. Cowherd's point serves to further highlight the discrepancy between the actual gameplay and the overall broadcast time.

defends Swift's coverage

Nevertheless, the NFL's coverage of Swift has been defended by others within the football community. Jason Kelce, Travis Kelce's brother, has argued that the camera's focus on the pop star is precisely what the audience tunes in to see. He went on to describe Swift as a role model for young women watching the games.

Notwithstanding the criticism, it seems that screen time for celebrities like Taylor Swift during football broadcasts is likely to continue, given the relatively brief duration of actual gameplay, and the broader audience such coverage generates.

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