Could Sofia Richie’s Maternity Style Shake Up the Celebrity World?

Sofia Richie Grainge, a 25-year-old star, is expecting her first baby with her 30-year-old husband, Elliot Grainge. The soon-to-be parents are undoubtedly thrilled about the new addition to their .

On February 1, Grainge appeared at the Warner Group Pre-Grammy Party, donning an exquisite black off-the-shoulder suit by Attersee. The stylish ensemble came with a silk button-down jacket that commanded a price tag of ,095.

To flaunt her burgeoning baby bump, she wore the jacket with the bottom button unfastened. This clever styling trick gave a glimpse of her growing belly, adding a beautiful touch to her outfit. A pair of matching cropped pants and sleek slingback bumps complemented her statement look.

She accentuated her outfit with attention-grabbing earrings and a black Herm├Ęs bag. Grainge opted for a subtle look for the occasion and styled her blonde tresses into a sleek bun, perfectly complementing her elegant outfit.

On the other hand, Elliot Grainge coordinated with his wife by wearing a black blazer and matching slacks. The couple's unified look turned heads at the event, making them the center of attention.

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The fashionable mother-to-be was spotted earlier in the week in Los Angeles. She was seen rocking a relaxed maternity , which featured olive green denim overalls with one strap playfully unbuttoned. A Ferragamo bag was her accessory of choice, adding a posh touch to the casual look.

In a recent chat with Vogue, Grainge mentioned that she doesn't intend to buy maternity-specific clothes. Instead, she plans to purchase larger sizes as her baby bump expands. This approach is a smart way to manage the continually changing body shape during .

Interestingly, the preparations for welcoming the little one are well underway. Grainge revealed that she's already started preparing her daughter's wardrobe. The collection includes numerous girly and cute outfits, reflecting the enthusiastic anticipation of the mom-to-be.

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